Sample preparation laboratory TEM MAT

Sample preparation in order to obtain a small enough thickness for observation in the transmission electron microscope is a key step in obtaining optimal results. In the case of nanoscale objects (nanoparticles, nanowires, etc.) it is necessary to disperse them on a support grid covered with a carbon membrane. In the case of bulk materials, thin films or functional devices, a cutting and thinning procedure is needed. Starting with a mechanical flat polishing, samples are finally thinned up to electron transparency in the desired geometry with argon ion milling systems.


  • Preparation of powder samples or suspended nanoobjects (nanoparticles, nanowires, etc).
  • Preparation of bulk materials (metals, alloys, geological specimens).
  • Preparation of samples from thin films in cross section or planar view geometries.


  • Fischione 1010 ion milling System
  • Gatan PIPS ion milling system
  • Fischione 1020 plasma cleaning system
  • Struers LaboPol5 8’’ polisher
  • Pace Technologies Nano 1200T 12’’ polisher
  • Pace Technologies Pico 155P precision cutter
  • Tripode polishing supports
  • Gatan Disc Grinders
  • Inverted microscope
  • Binocular loupe with CCD camera and tablet