The significant advances attained by Science and Technology in the past few years are essentially based on the capacity to observe and control along the preparation process of new materials. This has been enabled by the development of electron and scanning probe microscopies.

There is actually a wide range of interdisciplinary research lines based on the knowledge of matter morphology, structure, surface properties, functionality, etc., which imply observing and prototyping at nanometric and even atomic level.

ELECMI offers a unique opportunity for the development of these research lines, using the most advanced equipments in this field:

The transversal research lines developed through the use of ELECMI equipments are related to the observation, analysis and characterization of different materials with different applications. The main research lines carried out at the ELECMI facilities are as follows:

  • Magnetic materials.
  • Nanoparticles and nanomaterials.
  • Interfaces in heterostructures.
  • Carbon-based materials.
  • Soft Matter and electron sensitive materials.
  • Plasmonic and opto-electronic properties of materials.
  • Magnetism on surfaces – Spin Polarized STM.
  • Metal epitaxia and nanostructures.
  • Molecular Science on surfaces.
  • Nanodevices, transport, and spintronics.
  • Nanobiology and new nanobiomaterials.
  • Molecular electronics.
  • Electron Holography.
  • Cryo TEM.
  • Analytical electron tomography: Tomo-EELS / Tomo-EDS
  • Electron Beam Precession: orientation and phase maps
  • Electron Tomography of reciprocal space
  • Electron Magnetic circular dichroism (EMCD)
  • Density Functional Theory simulations applied to EELS
  • Machine Learning applied to EDS and EELS spectroscopies
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