The JEM-1400 microscope is a high-performance, high-contrast TEM, with excellent imaging and ease of use. With an acceleration voltage of 40 to 120kV and two digital cameras, the JEM-1400 is suitable for both biological applications and for polymer and materials science.

What can be done with it?

  • Structural characterization of materials (especially dedicated to biological materials).
  • Great versatility of use for research in organic fabrics, polymers or materials science.
  • Obtaining of images with great depth of field and excellent definition.
  • Morphological and size information (TEM).
  • Chemical mapping (STEM).
  • Semi-quantitative compositional analysis (EDX).

Especificaciones Técnicas:

  • Compact footprint and simplified GUI with multitouch screen for optimal ease of use.
  • Optimized for high contrast imaging for biological, low Z, and materials science applications.
  • 70º tilt with support for dual axis tomography.
  • Automated tomography from multiple points.
  • Large scale montaging.
  • STEM and large area SDD-EDS available.
  • 5-axis Microactive Goniometer, supports cryo holders.
  • Remote operation and data viewing for collaboration.
  • LaB6 emitter standard.