Bruker D8 Venture

X-ray single crystal diffractometer with double Cu and Mo radiation, four circles goniometer, 2D detector and 90 to 400 K temperature control


Crystal structure determination of new synthesis materials


  • Air cooled refrigerated X-ray generators for Mo and Cu radiations: 0-50kV; 0-2 mA
  • X-ray ceramic tubes for Mo and Cu microbeam sources, maximum 50 kV
  • Microbeam Mo and Cu sources. Multilayer mirrors Quazar optics. Size of the beam on the sample: 0.11 mm for Mo; 0.15 mm for Cu. Beam divergence: 5 mrad for Mo; 4.2 mrad for Cu
  • Kappa geometry four circles horizontal goniometer
  • CCD video microscope. LED sample lightening
  • X,Y,Z goniometric head
  • Photon II CPAD X-ray Detector: 2D 10×14 cm2; 768×1024 pixels; pixel size 135 m; 30 to 240 mm sample-detector distance
  • N2 liquid low temperature system Kryoflex II 90-400 K , dry air annular flux; automatic charge of the internal 60 l dewar through the external presuraized 150 l tank