AFM Multimode8 Nanoscope V



  • The MultiMode 8 AFM is equally well suited for imaging in both air and fluid
  • Heating to 250°C with temperature control accessories
  • Atomic resolution
  • A large variety of standard operating modes and many unique capabilities enable the MultiMode 8 AFM system to characterize everything from mechanical to electrical properties
  • Surgface Morphology . Topography with sub-nanometer resolution.
  • Electrical measurements (c-AFM). Determination of local electrical resistance.
  • Mechanical Properties (QNM Peakforce). Quantitative maps on the properties of elasticity, adhesion, hardness, energy dissipation and surface deformation.
  • Local electrical potential (KPM). Qualitative measurements of local load distribution.
  • Magnetic properties (MFM). Analysis of the magnetic properties of the sample under the action of a magnetic field.
  • Force spectroscopy for the measurement of inter and intra-molecular forces, with a resolution of 1 pN.
  • Studies at different temperatures. The behavior of the sample between 250 K and 500 K can be analyzed.



  • All kinds of samples, from materials to bio. From solid to liquid. from metals to plastics and ceramics
  • Ambiente: Aire, líquido y electroquímica.
  • Rango temperatura: [-35 hasta 200] ˚C
  • Rango piezos: 150 µm x 150 µm x 5 µm2
  • Campo magnético/Magnetic Field: Yes
  • Propiedades mecánicas: Yes