Successful applications will be granted free access to the facility

The ICTS ELECMI presents its second competitive open access process for the free application of its equipment. The call is open to the R&D&I sector and the business community.

The best-evaluated proposals will be granted a measurement time at no cost. This will provide public and private research centers with extremely valuable access to the best surface and material characterization equipment in Europe.

Among its main advantages, ELECMI highlights the creation of a single access point for all applicants with easy access and filling in, and the possibility to obtain analysis time free of charge.

The proposals received will be first evaluated by the facility’s staff to check their technical-scientific feasibility, and will be subsequently submitted to a peer review system and finally reviewed and prioritized by an Access Committee composed of a majority of independent experts, as well as ELECMI members. The process will be very competitive so we strongly recommend the write up of proposals at a high scientific and technical level. In our website (access protocol section) you can find recommendations to prepare a successful application.

On-demand access will also continue to be available for both single pieces of equipment and all ELECMI’s complementary characterization equipment, thus providing comprehensive support for the industrial and scientific requirements of ELECMI’s users.

The centers that currently integrate ELECMI are the CNME (National Electron Microscopy Center) of the Complutense University of Madrid; the LMA (Advanced Microscopy Laboratory) of the University of Zaragoza; the DME (Electron Microscopy Division) of the University of Cadiz and the UMEAP (Unit of Electron Microscopy Applied to Materials) of the University of Barcelona.

APPLICATION DATES: 3 to 14 July 2023 (until 12h CEST, Madrid time)