Thermo Scientific TALOS F200X G2

High throughput TEM/STEM microscope for the structural and compositional analysis of samples at the angstrom resolution level. It can be operated at 200 y 80 kV. Equipped with a high brightness Field Emission Gun (XFEG); high efficiency XEDS system (Super-X G2) integrated by 4 window-less SDD detectors around the sample, high resolution (4kx4k), high sensitivity, CMOS camera; wide gap pole piece and high stability HT tank.


Talos F200X G2 TEM/STEM electron microscope allows characterizing the structure and composition of samples at atomic level.

Image acquisition:

  • Resolution in HR TEM ≈ 0.25 nm (point resolution) @200 kV
  • Resolution in HR STEM: 0.16 nm @200 kV. Simultaneous detection of 4 different STEM detector: HAADF, MAADF (DF4), ADF (DF2) y BF
  • Electron diffraction

Spectroscopic techniques:

  • Super-X EDS system equipped with 4 windowless SDD detectors providing a collection solid angle of ≈ 0.8 srad (energy resolution better than 136eV@Mn-Kα a 10,000 cps)

Electron Tomography studies:

  • Two Electron Tomography holders available for the 3 characterization of nanostructures. Software for automated acquisition of TEM/STEM tomography experiments both in individual and batch type experiments. Holders and software for Analytical XEDS Electron Tomography experiments

Investigation of air sensitive samples:

  • Special holder available for anaerobic transfer of samples into the microscope to study air sensitive samples.


  • Operating voltage: 80 and 200 kV
  • High Brightness X-FEG Gun ≥ 7 x 107 A /m2 sr V
  • Resolution in STEM mode ≈ 0.15 nm
  • Resolution in TEM mode ≈ 0.25 nm (point resolution)
  • Super X G2 XEDS system (collection solid angle ≈ 0.8 srad)
  • High resolution, high sensitivity Ceta CMOS camera (16Mpixels)
  • Tilting range: ± 40° using standard holder; ±75° using tomography holders
  • Velox software for acquisition of TEM y STEM data, XEDS studies and imaging in DPC and iDPC modes
  • Software for automated TEM/STEM tomography. Simultaneous recording of up to 4 different STEM signals (BF, DF2, DF4, HAADF, XEDS). Analytical XEDS tomography.
  • Crystal Pack software for compucentric 2-axis tilt and rotation, automated movement between different zone axis.