TEM JEM 1010

The Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) JEM 1010 allows the study of the cellular ultrastructure in ultrathin sections (50-70 nm) obtained using an ultramicrotome. It is also possible the study of viruses, bacteria, proteins and amyloid fibers, using negative staining techniques.
This equipment also allows the observation of nanoparticles suspensions and their interaction with several tissues.


  • Ultrastructural, tissue, cellular and molecular studies.
  • Studies of different kind of suspensions: bacteria, viruses, bacteriophage, flagella, etc.
  • Ultrastructural studies of isolated cellular organelles, mitochondrial pellets, chloroplasts.
  • Cells and bacteria whole-mount studies.
  • Molecular locations.
  • Cytochemical studies (enzymatic activities, digestions, etc.)
  • Obtaining images in Bright and Dark Field.


  • Acceleration voltage – 80 kV
  • Thermoionic cathode electron gun with tungsten filament.
  • Point resolution 0.35 nm
  • Double specimen Holder
  • Image acquisition system: Camera CCD Gatan Orius