JSM 7001F

The JSM-7001F is a scanning electron microscope that allows the acquisition of high resolution images combining topographical and chemical contrast images, reaching a complete study of a great variety samples.
This scanning electron microscope is indicated for the surface observation of different kind of samples, both biological and material, with the possibility of performing analysis in low vacuum conditions reducing the effect of electrostatic charge and allowing the analysis of non-conductive samples without the need of any previous treatment.
It is a very useful equipment for studies in science life or biomedical field.


  • Obtaining of high resolution images with secondary electrons.
  • Obtaining of chemical contrast images using de BSED detector.
  • Obtaining images in low and high vacuum conditions.


Electron gun :
Schottky field emission, ZrO/W emissor

Resolution :
Secondary electron detector – 1,2 nm at 30 kV, 3nm at 1 kV

Acceleration voltage:
0,5 to 30 kV in SEM mode
0,2 to 30 kV in GB-L mode

Stage :
Axis X : 70mm
Axis Y : 50mm
Axis Z : de 3 a 41 mm
Tilt : -5 º a +70º
Rotation : 360º

Low vacuum system:
Chamber Pressure – 10 to 50 Pa
Resolution – 3nm (30kV, WD 6mm) back-scattered electron detector