JSM 6400

The scanning electron microscope JSM 6400 is especially suitable for the observation of the surface of materials (geological, chemical-physical, etc…) and biological samples, with the possibility of performing semi-quantitative analysis to obtain a compositional approximation of the materials. The distribution of elements and phases can be obtained through the use of backscattered electrons in the study of materials.

What can be done with it?

  • High-resolution imaging with secondary electrons.
  • Obtaining backscattered electron images and composition using a BSED (Back Scattering Electron Detector).
  • Elemental chemical analysis using EDS spectroscopy.

Especificaciones técnicas:

  • Thermionic cathode electron gun with tungsten filament.
  • Secondary electron detector:
    • Image Resolution
      • At 25 KV: 3.5 nm (at 8 mm working distance).
      • 10.0 nm (at 39 mm working distance).
  • Backscattered electron detector:
    • Image Resolution
      • 10.0 nm (at 8 mm working distance).
  • EDS analysis: elementary qualitative analysis with a resolution of 133 eV.
  • Preparation of samples for scanning microscopy:
    • Materials: metallization with gold or evaporation with graphite.
    • Biological:
      • Critical point.
      • Evaporation with graphite and / or metallization with gold.