JSM 6335F

The scanning electron microscope JSM 6335F is especially suitable for surface nano-characterization of biological samples and materials, as well as for the semi-quantitative determination of the composition of geological materials and other natures. By using backscattered electrons, a first impression of the distribution of elements and phases can be obtained in the study of materials.


What can be done with it?

  • Obtaining of high-resolution imaging with secondary electrons.
  • Obtaining of backscattered electron images and composition using a BSED detector.
  • Elemental chemical analysis using EDS spectroscopy.

Technical specifications

  • Field Emission gun
  • SEI detector
    • 15 kV: 1.5 nm (WD 4 mm) resolution.
    • 1 kV: 5.0 nm (WD 4 mm) resolution.
  • Magnification
    • 10x to 500.000x
  • BE detector
    • 30 kV: 2 nm (WD 8 mm) resolution.
  • EDS system