JEM 2100HT

This equipment offers a perfect combination of features that make it fundamental for the study of almost any type of material: (1) high spin for detailed study of the reciprocal network; (2) high resolution in image mode; (3) composition analysis By XEDS (X-Ray Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy); (4) chemical mapping in STEM (Scanning-Transmission Electron Microscopy) mode. The most versatile tool available within transmission electron microscopy in materials science and, therefore, a prerequisite for the use of other higher resolution equipment (JEOL JEM-3000F).

What can be done with it?

  • Structural characterization of materials (biological, polymers, nanotubes, nanofibers, etc..).
  • Obtaining of morphological and size information (TEM).
  • Chemical mapping (STEM).
  • Semi-quantitative compositional analysis (EDX).

Technical specifications:

  • Acceleration voltaje 200kV.
  • LaB6 gun.
  • Point resolution 0.25 nm.
  • STEM unit with ADF detector.
  • CCD ORIUS SC1000 (Model 882).
  • Goniometers: single tilt ±42, double tilt ±42/ ±30.
  • Goniometers for tomography: high tilt ±80.