JEM ARM200cF: With corrected aberration in condensed lens

Ubicación:Location: cnme - madrid

The JEM-ARM200CF is an electron microscope with atomic resolution capability working in TEM or STEM mode with acceleration voltages of 80-200 kV. It has a Cold Field Emission Gun (CFEG) and a CEOS spherical aberration corrector for the STEM mode, allowing the obtaining of images with resolutions up to 78 pm.
The microscope has coupled detectors for chemical analysis using XEDS (energydispersive x-ray spectroscopy) and EELS (electron energy-loss spectroscopy) with spectral resolution of 0.3eV. This complements the techniques of bright field and dark field (BF / DF) and Z contrast (HAADF) imaging techniques. 

What can be done with it?

  • Study and structural characterization of materials (catalytic, semiconductors, alloys, mesoporous materials, polymers, biological samples, etc.).
  • Obtaining of ultra-high resolution images working in STEM mode.
  • Morphological and size information (TEM).
  • Chemical mapping (STEM).
  • Semi-quantitative compositional analysis (XEDS).
  • Quantitative compositional analysis (EELS). 


Technical specifications

  • Acceleration voltage: 80 - 200 kV.
  • Cold FEG gun.
  • Spatial resolution: 0.078 nm (STEM mode at 200kV).
  • Operating voltage: 80 , 100 and 200 kV.
  • CCD camera: 2K x 2K.
  • Energy resolution: 0.3 eV.
  • 5 detectors: 3 annular dark field and 2 bright field. Simultaneous acquisition of  HAADF, BF and ABF images.
  • Beryllium double and single tilt goniometer from GATAN.
  • Cooling holder GATAN.