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124€ /Hour<br> (With technician)
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The titan High-Base has a spherical aberration corrector (CEOS Company) at the objective lens, the lens that forms the image. It is therefore ideal for ultra-high resolution imaging (HRTEM). It also has a biprism for Electron Holography analysis and a Lorentz Lens to perform High Resolution Lorentz Microscopy.

Working at low-voltage, and because of the aberration corrector, we can obtain high resolution images even on beam-sensitive materials such as graphene, carbon nanotubes, zeolites and mesoporous materials… 

The working voltages for this instrument are: 60, 80, 120, 200 and 300 kV.


What can be done with it?

Image (0.07nm resolution):

  • Size and morphology information  (TEM).
  • Crystalline Structure (Electron Diffraction & High Resolution TEM).
  • Composition: Scanning-Transmission Imaging with a High Angle Annular Dark Field detector (STEM-HAADF). The contrast in the image depends on the atomic number (Z-contrast). Energy Filtered TEM (EFTEM) yields information about a specific element.


Chemical Analysis:

  • Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopies (EELS).
  • Combined with the STEM mode: chemical composition with spatial resolution: composition maps and profiles.


Vector Field analysis:

  • Electric and magnetic field studies by Electron Holography.
  • Magnetic domain studies by Lorentz Microscopy.
  • Stress and strain studies by HRTEM imaging.

In-Situ physical properties measurements:

  • Changes of crystalline phase (Electron diffraction).
  • Defect structure by bright field/dark field imaging (BF/DF) and Weak Beam imaging (WBDF).


Technical specifications

This Transmission Electron Microscope works at voltages between 60 and 300 kV. It is located in a “box” (cube) to avoid mechanical and thermal perturbations. It has a normal FEG (Shottky emitter) and a Gatan 2k x 2k CCD camera for (HR)TEM images acquisition. The main working modes in this microscope are:
  • HREM: since this microscope is devoted for High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM) studies, it is equipped with a SuperTwin® objective lens and a CETCOR Cs-objective corrector from CEOS Company allowing a point to point resolution of 0.09 nm.
  • STEM: In addition this Titan3 is equipped with the basic STEM facilities (BF, DF detectors) for STEM imaging at medium resolution.
  • EELS: a Gatan Energy Filter Tridiem 863 allows Titan3 to perform EELS experiments in a standard and routine way (energy resolution of   ̴0.7 eV).
  • Lorentz and holography: as for the dedicated Titan STEM, beside these spectroscopy capabilities, the Titan3 corrected microscope is fitted with a Lorentz lens and an electrostatic biprism allowing Lorentz and medium resolution electron holography experiments to be carried on.