Hong Kong Agreement

The University of Zaragoza and the Scientific Science University of Hong Kong (HKUST) have a joint international laboratory thanks to a collaboration agreement in the field of advanced microscopies.

Zaragoza and Hong Kong are positioned as world leaders in advanced microscopy for the study of new materials for the manufacture of sensors and nanoparticles for applications in nanobiomedicine, food and detection of pollutants in the environment.

The creation of this laboratory arises from the high level of microscopy of the Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (LMA) – Singular Technical Scientific Installation or National Facility – located in the Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA) and the close working relationship it maintains with one of the best Asian universities working in the field of materials characterization.

Additionally, the Scientific Science University of Hong Kong (HKUST), despite its youth (it was created 25 years ago), has a wide range of very competitive degrees and master’s degrees and an interdisciplinary division of environmental studies, with a leading experimental platform in the deep analysis of matter.

The final aim of this joint Laboratory is to share the infrastructures available at both institutions and establish collaborations in the interdisciplinary field of materials characterization. That is why, the exchange of scientists, joint programs for training researchers and attracting companies from both continents will be promoted in the framework of this agreement. To facilitate the use of these advanced and singular infrastructures the access conditions for researchers coming from any of these two institutions will be the same as those of internal users.