Scientific Access Committee

The evaluation of proposals for the use of ELECMI equipment is carried out by a committee of experts who evaluates the proposal. A standard proposal form is available in the ELECMI Website and can be filled at the time to request the use of the equipment.
The Scientific Access Committee responsible for evaluating ELECMI proposals of use is composed of the following members:
• Pr. O. Stephan (LPS-UPS, Paris)
• Pr. J. Arbiol (ICMAB, Barcelona)
• Dr. Luca Ortolani (University of Bologna)
• Prof. Juan Carlos Idrobo (ORNL)
• Prof. Robert Klie (University of Illinois at Chicago)
• Prof. Quentin Ramasse (SuperSTEM, Daresbury)
• Dr. Marta Rosell (EMPA)
• Prof. Osamu Terasaki (Stockholm University)
• Prof. José Juan Calvino (UCA)
• Prof. Francesca Peiró (UB)
• Prof. John Hutchison (Oxford University)
• Prof. Gianluigi Botton (McMaster University, Canada)
• Prof. José María De Teresa (CSIC, Zaragoza)
• Dr. Ivo Utke (EMPA, Switzerland)
• Dr. M. Varela (UCM Madrid)
The Proposals Coordinator team is composed of the following members:
• Dr. César Magén (CSIC-ICMA)
• Dr. F. Javier García García (CNME-ELECMI)